Saturday, November 16, 2013

This Life of Mine.

Since this semester is almost over (HALLELUJAH!!!) I figure I should recap what's happened since I got back to Logan Ut... 4 months ago.
First off, it's been crazy. I am in the middle of applying for graduate school. Our lives are so up in the air right now. It's extremely frustrating , yet exciting at the same time. I am applying to as many places as possible. It's a super competitive program so I don't want to close any doors. So where Ken and I will be this time next year is a complete mystery. We could still be here in Logan, in Provo, in Colorado, in Arizona, in Montana... I probably missed a few other ones too. It's chaos,  but i'm excited. I can't actually believe that I am applying for a masters. I am just finishing 4 years of school and i'm not even graduated and i'm applying in hopes that I can do 2 more years. The weird things we do. I'm so excited that I'm doing something that I love though. I am thrilled to actually start working with people and actually learning to be a Speech-Language Pathologist. Yay, if only it were free..then i would be even more excited!
Other than being completely absorbed in that... It's actually been a pretty fun semester. Ken and I passed our one year anniversary, weird. He only gets better every day, which is nearly impossible. Somehow he does it. Seriously, i'm so lucky. He took me horse back riding, which i've been craving to do and it was a gorgeous day! Loved every second of it.
He still buys me flowers every month...  if this boy could make money working in a garden all day, he would. EVERY TIME we go on a hike, or walk I get quizzed on the types of flowers, trees, bushes we see. I fail miserably every time. But i'm always impressed that he actually knows what he's talking about. Maybe he makes the whole thing up, i'd have no idea.

We went to conference, then my family came..half of them anyways. Brittney, Hazel and my Mom. They were here for a whole week and I loved every second of it. Probably way more than they actually enjoyed it.  Ken's aunt had twin little girls and we get to go see them every once in a while. I'm in love with them and they are adorable. ken looks pretty dang good holding them too... just saying.


So all in all it's been a great couple of months. Hopefully in 4 more months i'll actually know more about what i'm doing in the future. Until then I will wait...very patiently. Kind of.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I love it.

Happy Happy Days!

So many reasons to be happy. First off I had my family come down for Easter. My sister Brittney and baby Hazel stayed at my house for a week and it was the best ever. I miss them both already so much. I love love love my family, and living so far away really helps me realize that. So it is more than a blessing when they make the long drive down to Utah. I am so thankful for them and that I had so much time with them.
They ended up being here Conference weekend so we were able to hang out with each other during that too. What an amazing conference! I am always so excited for that beautiful weekend every 6 months. It's at the perfect time too- right before finals. Really puts things back into perspective before I get all stressed and crazy.
Which is exactly where I am now!
Finals are right around the corner- meaning every giant final project is due this coming week, last minute tests in classes that are behind are at the beginning of this week and then all of a sudden-- EVERY ONE OF MY FINALS gets put on the exact SAME DAY. May 2nd will be the death of me! Cannot wait till it is over and I get all my A+'s. (that's a joke, but there is no harm in wishing!)
Basically I just want to put up all my pictures and videos from forever. So hold on to your hats! Here they come!

                                    Hazel became this lovely rapper while she was here!

Her new Best Friend Bella 
 We love to see the temple!
 Ken made bella a harness...
 One time they gave away free redbulls- ken got really excited

 One time I got "recognized" I was super happy. But really, I was.
 When Ken makes the bed. :)
 The dead-line to finals is on. Crafting technologies! 
Courtney is so cute!
 My frog pond. The worst/best class ever

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mad World

It has been a wee bit crazy here in Logan Utah—probably just Utah in general. The weather here is slightly far fetched, and that’s coming from a girl from Alberta. No the wind isn’t blowing me over, however the ice may just take me down without it! It has been freezing here ever since we got back from Christmas break. It can’t make up its mind. One day it decides to be spring, then suddenly 5 million pounds of fog linger in and you’re suddenly in a dead zone, then bang- it’s a freaking blizzard and there is a TON of snow on the ground! I mean lots and lots of snow.  
            It does keep life a little bit entertaining, you just never know what to expect when you wake up in the morning. For example, I woke up super duper early to go to a 7am test. I went with my good friend Courtney (She’s nice and drives me to school)(I live 2 blocks away from my classroom…shh) ANYWAYS, turns out it’s a winter wonderland out there and we are one of the first to venture on to campus. First we have to walk across the road- to get onto the road we have to hop over a large mound of snow about to our hips. Then we skid across the slushy road hoping that cars see us as they speed off to work, we have to quickly leap over the other mountain of packed snow that awaits us on the other side- this pile is a little bit more tricky, however we make it. We are laughing at this point and Courtney is yelling into the cold air how she would like summer to come. No one yells back because they are still on in bed. We are getting really close to the doors now; we feel we have made it. Failed, Court squeals and I turn around just in time to see her skid around and find her balance before falling on her butt on the cold pavement. I laugh at her because the sidewalks aren’t even icy… I slip, barely catching myself. We then just decided to skate to the door. Snow up to our knees and laughing we went in to take the test. And we did AMAZING!!  (we’ll pretend)

Just to bounce back a week from today, because I want to.
To make the best of this weather Ken and I went up to Beaver Mountain to go boarding on Martin Luther King Day (a nice little holiday here). I wore about a bajillion layers and was ready to freeze my brains out. BUT! It was surprisingly SOO much warmer up there. The sun was shining and I could actually see a big, blue sky (something I go without seeing much of the winter). It ended up being a lot of fun. It was the first time going with ken, he is better then me, no surprise there. It was nice to just be in the fresh air and out of the smoggy little valley I call home. Good story eh? It was worth the extra paragraph for sure.

I do love Logan though, I’m sure I’d like it more in the summer. Just turns out I only live here in the depressing months! Yay me.

Here are some pictorials:

BRIGHT sun. In love.
Bella may have seasonal depression and likes to do this. 
She makes up for it when she does this!
The mother sent me my FAVORITE Lemon Loaf!! love, love 

The new usual, in the MIDDLE OF THE DAY!
This handsome guy had a birthday! 

With all the goods.

And that's it folks!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Holidays!

I’m back!! Christmas break came and went and suddenly my head is back in the books. Rather then dwell on that after my first week back, I’d rather look back on my break and fill everyone in on my exciting life…. Ha
            SO!! It basically started on December 16- my birthday!! It starts there for that reason only and it was a great birthday spent in Salt Lake with Ken’s parents and Grandparents! I turned 21 woohoo.
Ken and my parents surprised me and shipped me home to Canada early on December 17. By shipped I mean flew. I left the Salt Lake City Airport at 830am and was in cold Calgary by 230! There my family eagerly awaited my arrival and we went home to lovely Raymond! Oh how I love Alberta…and miss it. Ken is amazing and loves me and stayed behind and worked for a few extra days. He too flew to Calgary and my Mom and I went to fetch him when he arrived. He didn’t have quite the luxury of getting dropped off at the airport in SLC by a loving spouse however. Rather, he had to trudge through snow at 4 something in the morning to catch a shuttle on campus that would take him there. (He walked in the middle of the road with his luggage cause that was where the light was…poor man). He arrived though and I took him home to show him how the Sherwood’s/Heggie’s spend their Christmas!
            The charm of that idea lasted a few days, and ended abruptly.  It was the night of my friend’s “get together”. I had left Ken at home and was over at my friend’s house when I shortly realized that I felt like I was going to die. My parents had been sick recently so I assured myself I was thinking about that too hard and faking it. I pushed that reasoning aside shortly after however. I ended up calling my dad to come pick me up and home I went.  When I got home I was informed that Ken had also been feeling sick and I found him sitting in our bedroom concentrating intensely on magnets. When I say he did that for hours, I mean he did that for HOURS!! 3 seconds after getting home I was puking my brains out. When I was back in one piece I walked into the living room where Brittney was, she too mentioned she was feeling a little light headed. 3 seconds later she was throwing up. And that’s when the glory of it all began. To spare details, Ken and I were up ALL night.  The next day we took medication and maybe were awake a total of 3 hours. Brady also got it that morning. So within 24 hours Me, Ken, Brittney and Brady all got sick. It was lovely!
            We did slowly recover, and minus that experience I really did love being home! We spent a lot of time together as a family. We completed a mystery puzzle… of which we never solved…went skating on my cousin’s homemade ice rink, we went tubing behind quads on Corner Lake, we went snowshoeing in freezing waterton, went to a hockey game (with friends), played A LOT OF GAMES (Ken loved every second of it) and just hung out around the house. AND I GOT TO HOLD HAZEL A LOT!!! How much better can it really get?!
            I love them all and can’t wait till I have all my legal married shin digs complete so I can go back to Alberta and visit them whenever the goodness I want! It will be fantastic. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Live & Learn

Last week was quite the adventure in the Jenkin's home. I'm very glad it's the beginning of a new one, hopefully it will be a bit better!
Starting from the beginning: It was last Monday and Ken and I were just getting ready to go to the gym, when he suddenly comes to me and says, "Sonia, I hit my head, am I bleeding?"  I thought he was kidding and had put fake blood all over his head, so I sat there and laughed at him, as he ran back into the bathroom holding his head. I was standing my ground, I wasn't going to just fall for his trickery and go running to his side for him to just turn around and start laughing at me for being so gullible.  So, I continued to laugh in the other room. I then became slightly curious and went to the bathroom. Ken had his head over the sink as the clear water turned red. However, I still didn't know if it was real...(I may be an awful wife!). It took a while, but I started to maybe think he wasn't joking. So I started to ask him questions about what happened to him. Turns out he hit his head on the light switch, yes, the LIGHT SWITCH. Which is less then shoulder height above the ground... mmm not sure..Regardless, it did a real good job and he ended up getting 3 stitches.
It's a good thing he didn't get knocked out though, because turns out I am useless and I don't know how to do ANYTHING. Ken had to call the clinic and ask if he could go in for stitches, called his mom to ask a question, and then told me which way to drive to go to the doctors-since I had no clue where it was located. I did say he needed stitches though!!  I'd say that's worth something.
That was the beginning of the week, the middle of the week just scampered by and then it was Saturday. Which was a great day, I cleaned my house REALLY good and then made A LOT of cookies with my Canadian chocolate chips which are 50000x better than the state's. I had them all laid out on the counter cooling off as I ran to go pick up Ken from work. I'm dumb though, as I continue to prove to you, and left the dog inside. She has been so good and we have never had problems with her, so I didn't think too much about it. As I was walking into the dark kitchen with some grocery bags in my hands I stepped into a soft, warm, pile of dog puke!! Oh, that was great. I went and turned on the light and found that there were 2 other piles of chocolate chip puke on my white carpet along with probably 12 out of the original 40 cookies left on my counter. To say the least, I wasn't very happy that Bella ate all my delicious cookies and then discarded them through out my very clean house! Not at all happy about it.
We cleaned it up quickly though and left to Bear Lake to stay at a cabin for the night. I pouted the whole way there and then decided to be happy and forget about it. We ended up having a lot of fun and ended the week on a good note, which was well deserved after a run of misfortunes. I am slowly getting smarter though.. I'm learning when my husband is joking and when he's not, and I've learned to not trust our curious, hungry, little dog..those are very nice words compared to Saturday's. LIke I said, I'm improving. :)
I dont' think pictures are needed this week since I doubt anyone wants to see Ken's wound or the dog's puke... just say'n.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lifey as a Wifey

It's been a month and a half since I became Mrs. Jenkins. The time just flew by! I can't even believe that it is the middle of October, it mostly blows my mind because that also means that this semester of school is already half way over! It does this to me every year. I get going with all my school stuff and suddenly i'm registering for the next semester. I will not complain about this. I have actually loved this semester so far. It is super challenging, but I have finally made it past all my general classes and can now focus on the things that I actually enjoy learning about! 

I am still in a sign language class. It is crazy that this is my 3rd semester of it. It is my absolute favorite thing. It is something  I LOVE being able to do (although not very well yet) and hopefully will continue to do it for the rest of my life. I definitely want to pursue it and end up using it through out my life and career.  I am also in an anatomy of speech class, which is pie after my full human anatomy class last spring.. although it will always be a love/hate relationship I will be quite happy when it finally comes to an end. And THEN, I'm in a phonetics class that is SO interesting and I really love learning about. It is basically just being able to hear speech and transcribe it:  d͡ʒəs laɪk ðɪs (just like this). So ya, I do actually learn stuff at school, so I suppose it is worth these 6 years of my life. Maybe.

Besides school I just live a wifely life. This can become lonely when you don't have a job, cause you don't have a green card, and your husband is off making money! So I spend my spare time cleaning the house and cooking dinner... when the time comes around... Actually, let's be honest, I straighten up the house if we're lucky and maybe clean it on the weekends and I cook perhaps every other night. (We have to eat leftovers sometime!!) So I actually don't know what I do the majority of my life besides school. :)

This has been a good little week so far though. It is our lovely fall break and my last day of classes is tomorrow! I can handle this, especially since I woke up today at 7:30, which is when class starts. I tend to keep doing this!!  OH, sorry this was going to be the last paragraph, so i'll just carry on and change the subject. Ken is great and for our little FHE last night we had a bonfire outside and then packed up all our blankets and headed up to a look out of Logan and star gazed on top of his car. And then we saw THE BIGGEST shooting star ever!! It was crazy beans, it even broke up into smaller pieces before it disappeared. I thought it was pretty cool! 
Anyways, PICTURES!!!

 I got my other half of my ring and I love it! It's made up of blue sapphires.
 We went on a hike.
 Fall is coming!!
 I look like a boy.
This is our Bella, she LOVES to cuddle with us, RIGHT beside us!

Anyways, as I wrote this my lovely husband cleaned the kitchen and did dishes. I should go be productive now!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy Changes

So there isn't much of a gap between May and September right?? So summer got slightly crazy and busy and I never found the time to update my blog. I can explain this by adding that I worked every day from 6am till sometime in the afternoon and frankly, it kicked my butt.  I did get really  good at waking up super early and teaching aquafit- always a pleasure. And although it all sucked and I was exhausted by 9 every night, and missed out on multiple things since I felt the need to gain near 8 hrs of sleep every night, it did prepare me for this semester of school. Which is also kicking my butt. I have to be at school by 730am every day monday-friday. This honestly means I get out of bed at 6:50, grab a hoody, throw on jeans, brush my teeth, maybe comb my hair, perhaps add some mascara (depending on how ambitious I feel) and walk to campus. I look really good all the time!
Ken, my husband, he's new- we got married- he really enjoys the fact that I get so ready every day. It's his favorite. But for real, he does still like me. We have been married a week and a he better. And it's really nice having a husband. They do lots of nice things. For instance, when I forget things at home that are due in class- he goes and fetches it for me! and when all our flowers on our table are withering, he goes and gets new ones for me. It's honestly the greatest. I love him to death. I try returning favours by being a good wife, but it's really really hard! I do not know how people go to school and keep their house clean and make supper all while getting A's. Beat's me. 
ALSO, I should get some wedding pictures in a couple weeks, and when I do i'll talk more about THE WEDDING. It was awesome and I loved every second of it! 

Here are some fancy pictures from the summer...  out of order.
 We had a nice BIG family reunion and this is what Sherwood family could make it. Pretty dang good looking family eh?
 There was a slippery slide we went down lots, Brady really enjoyed it.
 I hung out with this fellow a fair amount of time!
I held her as much as humanly possible and I cry that I can't see her anymore.
I went to the temple for the 1st time!

And now I am  happily married!!

It was crazy and stressful, but I had so much fun with my family this summer and I miss them all to bits! I can't wait to see them again, which really does feel like never. In the meantime, however, I do get to be with the best guy in the world. SO I guess I can't complain!