Saturday, November 16, 2013

This Life of Mine.

Since this semester is almost over (HALLELUJAH!!!) I figure I should recap what's happened since I got back to Logan Ut... 4 months ago.
First off, it's been crazy. I am in the middle of applying for graduate school. Our lives are so up in the air right now. It's extremely frustrating , yet exciting at the same time. I am applying to as many places as possible. It's a super competitive program so I don't want to close any doors. So where Ken and I will be this time next year is a complete mystery. We could still be here in Logan, in Provo, in Colorado, in Arizona, in Montana... I probably missed a few other ones too. It's chaos,  but i'm excited. I can't actually believe that I am applying for a masters. I am just finishing 4 years of school and i'm not even graduated and i'm applying in hopes that I can do 2 more years. The weird things we do. I'm so excited that I'm doing something that I love though. I am thrilled to actually start working with people and actually learning to be a Speech-Language Pathologist. Yay, if only it were free..then i would be even more excited!
Other than being completely absorbed in that... It's actually been a pretty fun semester. Ken and I passed our one year anniversary, weird. He only gets better every day, which is nearly impossible. Somehow he does it. Seriously, i'm so lucky. He took me horse back riding, which i've been craving to do and it was a gorgeous day! Loved every second of it.
He still buys me flowers every month...  if this boy could make money working in a garden all day, he would. EVERY TIME we go on a hike, or walk I get quizzed on the types of flowers, trees, bushes we see. I fail miserably every time. But i'm always impressed that he actually knows what he's talking about. Maybe he makes the whole thing up, i'd have no idea.

We went to conference, then my family came..half of them anyways. Brittney, Hazel and my Mom. They were here for a whole week and I loved every second of it. Probably way more than they actually enjoyed it.  Ken's aunt had twin little girls and we get to go see them every once in a while. I'm in love with them and they are adorable. ken looks pretty dang good holding them too... just saying.


So all in all it's been a great couple of months. Hopefully in 4 more months i'll actually know more about what i'm doing in the future. Until then I will wait...very patiently. Kind of.

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